Powerman, 1KVA Long Run Time UPS, 1 x 12V/100Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Modified Sine Wave

R8,763.00 (Incl. VAT)

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The TelePower 1 UPS is manufactured using an off-line design principal, and operates using a 220/240V 50Hz, single phase AC input and output. The use of state of the art high frequency, transformer-less technology keeps the UPS small and compact.

The incoming mains is monitored by the UPS and passed straight through to the load while making sure that the battery is kept fully charged. In the event of a mains failure the UPS switches to inverter power within 5 to 10 milli-seconds and continues to supply power to your equipment from the battery powered inverter. Switching time is so quick that your electronic equipment such as TV, Decoders or desktop computers will not detect a break in power and will continue to operate as normal.



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