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3G/4G CCTV cameras provide reliable surveillance with a built-in SIM Card Port for farms, game lodges & remote areas. Smart intelligence is used for human detection. Get push notifications on your App. Video footage of up to a month can be stored on data-cards that can be inserted into the SD slot of the cameras

Important factors to consider when choosing a solar powered 3G/4G security solution for your farm:

  • The solar panel & battery must be large enough to accommodate  both scheduled & motion detection recording.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries provide more charge cycles and faster re-charging that standard lead-acid or gel batteries.
  • Are the batteries replaceable and the end of their life time without replacing the whole system?
  • Can video footage be stored on the camera for long periods to reduce bandwidth usage of your SIM card?
  • Is the built-in GSM 3G/4G router compatible with all the service providers in South Africa?

Depending on your GSM signal strength and the layout of your farm, there are two main options to choose from:

  • 3G/4G camera system that connects directly to the cell phone tower.
  • Wireless backbone that connects your cameras to an NVR at your farmhouse.

Speak to us for us for professional technical advice so that we can offer the right solution to you.


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