Ubiquiti AirMAX NanoStation Loco M5, 5GHz, 13 dBi, 10/100 Ethernet Port, 24V, (PoE Injector Included)

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Ubiquiti AirMAX NanoStation Loco M5, 5GHz, incl PoE

Product Description

The new LocoStation operates in the 5.4GHz ISM Band and has a built-in flat panel antenna with a 13dBi gain. Perfect for short to medium distance wireless links, and with a beam-width of 45 degrees for both horizontal and vertical, it’s incredibly easy to align.

The signal LED lights that are synonymous with Ubiquiti products are also found on the new LocoStation to make for easy antenna alignment and signal improvement.

The new Ubiquiti LocoStation is around half the size of its larger brother, the NanoStation, but still packs a large punch. Making use of Ubiquiti’s AirMax protocol, this unit is able to product wireless speeds of up to 150Mbps and with the AirOS interface that is loaded as standard, you get top notch functionality as well, such as a built in spectrum analyzer and basic firewall system.



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