I/O Board for W Panel

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The WIO10 0 Input/Output s module is one of the removable communication modules that can be installed on the W panel.

The WIO100 module has one programmable input and two programmable outputs. WIth this module, the W panel can be connected to wired devices such as : • Panic buttons, temperature sensors, safety light curtains, wired door contacts, glassbreak, shock, flooding or gas detectors (wired input). • Flashing lights, spotlights, smoke equipment, light or sound indicator (wired output). The programmable input can be configured as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), it can also be supervised in order to detect cable tampers. With the Mapping, the programmable input can be set up to take a 10 second video from any Videofied® Motion Viewer™ when the detector linked to the programmable input is triggered. The programmable input can also be wired to an existing alarm system in order to add video-vérification. That mode is called XTENDER mode. Programmable outputs are normally open drys contacts that close when the output is activated.

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