Network management card

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Network management card

SNMP cards and software

Although it is virtually impossible for any company to have someone monitoring their UPS’s 24 hours a
day, PowerMan has a solution for this. Each UPS is can be supplied with an SNMP card and a software
package that can be installed on the server. The SNMP Cards effectively manage the UPS 24 hours a day
and can send emails or SMS’s to up to 8 individuals to notify them of incidents (providing the site has a
dedicated Email or SMS server), and will keep a log of all incidents. Unattended shut down of the server
is also available.


The SNMP provides 4 categories of information from the UPS.

  1. The SNMP Card can be set up for Real Time reporting on incidents that happen. Examples of

notifications of these incidents are as follows:

  1. Schedule Shut down Event
  2. UPS Failure

iii.      UPS entering Test mode

  1. UPS entering Sleeping mode
  2. UPS entering Boost mode
  3. UPS Load Over Loaded

vii.      UPS Communication Lost

viii.      Turn Off UPS

  1. AC Power Failed
  2. UPS Battery Low
  3. UPS Temperature Overrun

xii.      UPS Battery Capacity Under run

xiii.      UPS entering Bypass mode

  1. Planned information in the form of status results from tests that can be carried out remotely,

as well as providing a daily report on the status of the UPS which shows the content of event and data logs, in the form of email or SMS.

  1. Viewing the status of the UPS in real time or performing remote testing of certain functions of

the UPS by simply logging into the SNMP Card via your network


On the following pages there are screen shots of some of the screens from the SNMP package that can be used to improve control of your UPS systems. When setting up the SNMP card you will be required to enter all the information about the UPS, such as type of UPS, Location etc, you will also be required to enter information about the UPS such as quantity of batteries and last time they were replaced, typically this will be done by the technician installing the UPS


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