EAST 3000 VA Bi Directional Hybrid Solar Inverter, LCD Display, Stepped Sine Wave

R8,165.00 (Incl. VAT)

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3KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

●PV energy combined with flexible energy storage systems: enable households to store surplus electricity generated by solarpanel array, and power not being utilised can be exported to the mains grid.
●Advanced MPPT algorithm
●Built-in transfomer to ensure electric safety
●Intelligent battery management, configurable charging current
●Effective protections: overload, short circuit, overdischarge, overcharge, battery reverse polarity, PV reverse polarity protections
●No PID attenuation damage for solar panels to ensure its service life
●Unique ECO mode, daily consumption less than 1% at no-load standby
●Staggering energy storage and power generation


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