UBAM-GBE-60-LR | Ubiquiti airMAX – GigaBeam Long-Range

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Ubiquiti airMAX – GigaBeam Long-Range

Featuring a high-gain dish antenna, the GigaBeam LR is a 60 GHz radio designed for low-interference and high-throughput connectivity in long-range deployments. It includes a 5 GHz radio for failover. For the 60 GHz link, the GigaBeam LR supports full bandwidth use of 2.16 GHz. The dedicated management radio allows easy setup via Wi-Fi.

60 GHz radio with 5 GHz radio backup
Low-interference 60 GHz spectrum
Up to 1+ Gbps with low latency
Long-range performance
2.4 GHz management radio
Full bandwidth support: 2.16 GHz

Key Features
airMAX AC 60GHz/ 5GHz Radio with 1+ Gbps Throughput up to 2km

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