DS-M5504HNI/GW/WI(M12) | HIKVISION 2MP 4Ch Mobile NVR, Video/Audio Output, 4 × M12 PoE Interfaces, 2 × 2.5 inch HDD/SSD up to 2 TB for each HDD/SSD, 2 USB, Supports 3G dialing and Wi-Fi


Mobile Video Recorder
Supports 3G dialing and Wi-Fi
User-friendly GUI providing easy and flexible operations.
 3G (WCDMA) and Wi-Fi module providing flexible data transmission solutions.
 Pluggable GPS (Global Positioning System) module precisely positioning the vehicle via the satellite and recording the location information in the video stream.
 Hikvision private protocol (4000 protocol) and ONVIF supported.
 4 M12 independent network interfaces connectable to 4 IP cameras; each channel supports up to 1080P resolution with H.264 encoding technology.
 Pluggable dummy HDD for HDD with up to 2 TB capacity.
 Stores videos on SD card when HDDs/SSDs are broken.
 Information collection interfaces collect driving information such as left/right turn, braking, reversing, etc.
 Software-based firewall supported.
 Support accessing via WEB browser.
 Wide-range power input (9 to 32 VDC).
 Ignition startup and delay (0 h to 6 h) shutdown.
 Power-off protection prevents key data from loss.
 Aluminum die-cast chassis of good heat dissipation performance with no fan design which well adapts to working environment.
 Dummy HDD with USB interface supports intelligent temperature control and data export.

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