GV-SNVR1600 | GeoVision 16Ch Linux‐embedded Standalone NVR, 4K Resolution, USB Ports, HDMI/D-sub Output, 4 SATA HDD drawer (3.5″) for up to 16TB

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The GV-SNVR1600 is a Linux-embedded Standalone Network Video Recorder which records video files directly to the internal hard drive, supporting up to 16 channels of GV-IP Cameras for network surveillance. With the feature of a Full HD HDMI video output, the GV-SNVR eliminates the need for a separate PC to view and play back video from the unit. Its five USB ports allow you to connect a USB flash drive to import or export system settings, update firmware, save snapshot files and back up video in AVI format.

Supported GV‐IP Cameras:

GV‐Target Series IP Cameras (Firmware V1.0 or later)

 GV‐SD220/220‐S (Firmware V1.02 or later)

 All other GV‐IP Cameras (Firmware V2.11 or later) EXCEPT for the models below:

o GV‐ABD1300

o GV‐ABL1300/2701/2702/4701/4712/8712

o GV‐ADR1300/2701/4701

o GV‐AVD2700/4710/8710

o GV‐BX110

o GV‐BX12201

o GV‐BL110

o GV‐FER12203

o GV‐Fisheye Cameras (conditionally supported) *

o GV‐MFD110

o GV‐PT110

o GV‐PTZ010D

o GV‐SD010/200/200‐S/2411/2322‐IR/3732‐IR

o GV‐EBD2702/4700/4711/8711

o GV‐VD8700

o GV‐VR360


  • 16-Channel video recording
  • Automatic search and set-up for IP cameras
  • Up to 2560 x 1920 for the first channel
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 resolution per channel
  • Dual streams support
  • Continuous, motion and scheduled recordings
  • Multi-channel playback
  • Display of HDD status and system temperature
  • DST (Daylight Saving Time) support
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) support
  • GeoVision DDNS server support
  • E-mail notification for recording error and password retrieval
  • Recording export
  • Remote live view through Web browser
  • PTZ control using GV-Joystick V2 or on-screen panel
  • 1080p HDMI video output
  • 4 SATA HDD drawer (3.5″) for up to 16 TB storage
  • Smart device access (iOS and Android)
  • Support for 13 languages
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