Clearline Telecommunication Protector, 230VAC Nom. Input Voltage, For Analogue and ISDN Applications

R522.66 (Incl. VAT)




Power & Data lines

Power and telecom line protection. Incorporates surge platform concept. For analogue and ISDN applications.

  • Data speed: 128Kbsit/s
  • Data protector 2 x RJ11
  • Maximum operating current 0.3A
  • Nominal input voltage of 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Maximum continuous voltage of 275VAC, 50Hz
  • 16A round pin power connector
  • Compliant with Standard IEC61643-1

The unit simply gets plugged into the wall socket and the equipment plugs directly into the unit. Clearline protects your equipment against lightning and surges without additional earthing. The protection is capable of blocking severe lightning and power surges. The unit incorporates a fast overload device which will be activated in extreme conditions. Clearline’s unique built-in thermal protection technology has been included to eliminate fire hazards.



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