Clearline Power Trip connect, 230V Nom.Input Voltage, Built-in Delay Indication Lamp

R1,384.39 (Incl. VAT)




Power Tripconnect

  • Plug-and-Play concept
  • Reduces inrush current
  • High surge capability
  • Built-in Delay Indication Lamp

Power protection devices used at home, office and workplace such as surge suppressors and stabilizers provide protection against power spikes that happens in milliseconds, mainly caused by lightning.

Protection capable of blocking severe lighting and power surges. The unit incorporates a fast overload and thermal device which will activate in Extreme conditions. Functional indication lamp display the protection status of the Power Tripconnect. Disconnects the power altogether when these conditions occur and remains off for 10 seconds giving the power feed time to stabilize. The product is easy to use and LED indicators are provided.

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