Clearline 8-Way Surge Multiplug, 230VAC Nominal Operating Voltage, Plug and Play Concept

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8-Way Surge Multiplug

  • Plug and Play concept
  • High surge handling capability
  • Economical secondary protection
  • Thermal and over-current fusing
  • Visual fault indication
  • Differential and common mode protection
  • Fire Hazard Protection
  • 4 x 16A SA Sockets
  • 4 x 16A Code C Euro Sockets
The fault indication LED which is normally lit will go OFF to indicate that the unit is no longer protected.
Mains power will still be available to the unprotected equipment.
Clearline protects your equipment against lightning and surges without additional earthing. The protection modules have multiple stages of protection capable of blocking severe lightning and power surges. Clearline incorporates a fast overload device which will be activated in extreme conditions.
Functional indication lamps display the protection status of the unit.

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