CLEARLINE HD Camera + Power Surge Protector


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Clearline HD Camera Lightning & Surge Protector Signal Plus Power
Coaxial protection for High Definition data transmission lines
Suitable for HD CCTV applications
They protect both the HD CCTV signal as well as the DC power supply voltage
These devices exhibit negligible insertion loss and are fitted in line at the equipment connection
– Easy installation
– Low insertion loss
– Failsafe protection
– Combined CCTV + Power
– Supply protection
– Max Operating Voltage 1V p -p
– Max Operating Current 0.3A
– Max discharge current(Differential mode) 2kA
– Max discharge current(Common mode) 2kA
– Residual voltage<2.5V - Insertion loss at 10MHz 0.8dB - Connectors BNC M -F - Impedance 75ohm unbalanced - Range Up to 100m - Application HD CCTV Composite - Temperature Range . -10 Degrees Celsius to +70 Degrees Celsius