Flex5/P | Input and output expansion board with tamper protection

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Input and output expansion board with tamper protection

The Flex5 expansion board increases the number of inputs (zones) or outputs available on the SmartLiving system.

The board receives commands and power via the I-BUS. The power supply to the device and the two ancillary power outputs are protected against short-circuit and overload.

The Flex5 expansion board has 5 terminals which can be used as either zones or outputs. If programmed as inputs, terminals 1 to 4 directly accept shock and rollerblind sensors. If programmed as outputs, these terminals can sink 150mA. The Flex5 expansion board has a built-in signalling buzzer which can be activated separately from the terminals.

The device is protected against break-open and break-off tamper (these protections can be disabled if necessary).


Main features
Flex5/P Flex5/U
Terminals 5
Terminals which accept shock and rollerblind sensors 4
Maximum current draw for output terminals 150mA
Resettable fuse protects bus load current draw 300mA
Ancillary power supply 2
Integrated Buzzer Yes
Protected against break-open tamper Yes
Protected against break-off tamper Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) 80x126x27 mm 59x108x20 mm
Weight 106 g 67 g


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