Concept/GB | keypad with backlit graphic display and touch keys for SmartLiving system control

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keypad with backlit graphic display and touch keys for SmartLiving system control

This effective key-free system management tool makes it much easier for end-users to interact with their security systems.

The super bright, intuitive touchscreen permits fast access to all functions and consents to trouble-free control of the security system. The certainty of the superior technology embedded in this product is immediately apparent. Touchscreen control offers unbeatable accuracy and enhances reliability.

The easy-clean, glossy black casing with its attractive vertical structure allows this product to blend seamlessly with any décor. 4 ”Shortcut” keys, located directly under the graphic display, allow easy control of the system and also operate as “Emergency key duos”.

The Concept/G keypad is equipped with an input/out terminal and dislodgement and open-tamper protection devices.

There are two color variations: White and Black


The following table describes the main features of the Joy, Concept/G and nCode/G series keypads
nCode/G Concept/G Joy/GR Joy/MAX
Backlit graphic display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy4U icon interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy4U voice interface Yes
Programmable “In Standby” backlight Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable “Active” backlight Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 signalling LEDs Yes Yes Yes Yes
FlexIO terminals programmable as Inputs or outputs 1 1 2 2
Input terminals accept rollerblind sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Output terminal Yes (150mA) Yes (150mA) Yes (150mA) Yes (150mA)
Signalling Buzzer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protected against break-open tamper (casing open) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protected against break-off tamper (unit off wall) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flush mount to gang boxes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microphone and speaker: User menu voice prompts

Message recording

Message playback



Voice notifier

Remote Listen-in

Card/Tag reader with 4 programmable “Shortcuts” Yes
Access to “Shortcuts” on TAG or CARD Yes
Temperature sensor with temperature display Yes
Chronothermostat function

(manual, weekly, with anti-freeze function)

Dimensions (HxWxD) 129x87x16,5 mm 129x87x16,5 mm 116x142x20 mm 116x142x20 mm
Weight 135 g 155 g 160 g 180 g


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