NV780MR | Paradox Outdoor Side-View Detector, 4x Dual Sensors, Anti-masking Detection

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Digital Outdoor Dual Side-View Detector with 4x Dual Sensors


  • Dual side anti-masking detection – Active IR detection, fast 20 seconds detection designed for outdoor detecting sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 25 cm (10 in.)
  • Pet Immunity capability, up to 40 kg (90 lb)
  • 4 dual element sensors arrangement
  • High efficiency long focal point (1.77 in.) LoDiff lens
  • Combination optics – mirror and Fresnel Lens for optimal sharp detection
  • Wireless frequency selection NV780MR support two internally selectable frequencies
  • Single or Dual operation modes
  • Optical and digital range adjustments
  • Dual LED and buzzer indicators
  • Wall-mount, with built-in level tool
    EN50131 Grade 2
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