DS-K5671-ZV | HIKVISION Face Recognition Terminal, 7″ Touchscreen, IP65, 50 000 Face Capacity, 100 000 Event Capacit



Face Recognition Terminal

•Compatible with Hikvision turnstile
•Communicates with the third-party turnstile via IO output or Wiegand
•7-inch LCD touch screen
•2 MP wide-angle dual lens
•Adjustable supplement light brightness
•Face recognition distance: 0.3 m to 3 m
High performance processor with deep learning algorithm
•Face capacity: 50,000
•Face recognitionduration< 0.2 s/User; face recognition accuracy rate ≥ 99%
•Multipleauthentication modes
•Applies pictures to the device via TCP/IP or uploading them to the device via the USB flash drive
•Stand-alone operation
•Transmits and saves the comparison results and the captured pictures to the client software or others
•Device management, log search, and parameter settings via the device.
•Connects to one external card reader via RS-485 protocol
•Connects to Wiegand card reader via Wiegand protocol



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