HT Cable 100M Black – Slimline

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HT Cable 100M Black – Slimline

The S-Seies high voltage cable is used as a lead out cable from your energizer to the fence and for all other insulated high voltage transmissions. It is designed to have a long life and offers a low resistance on permanent fencing systems in most weather conditions.
The S-Series high voltage cables can be used with all the Nemtek solid and stranded galvanised and stainless steel wire.
They are slimline designed for ease of installation and an aesthetically pleasing look.
The inner of the cable is made up of tinned copper stranded wires which make the cable more flexible and easier to use.
They are available in a single core,3 core,4 core and 5 core.
The 3 core,4 core and 5 core S-Series is faster to install than the standard single core high voltage cable.


  • UV stabilised double insulated cable for outdoor use
  • Tinned copper stranded wires make this cable flexible and easier to use
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