Full Colour, Active Deterrence & AI

Dahua TiOC Full Colour, Active Deferrence

YouTube video

YouTube video

Business Challenge

  1. False alarm: too much time wasted on false alarms triggered by pets, insects, leaves and other non-target objects.
  2. Late response: can only rely on video playback for confirmation after an event.
  3. Difficult evidence retrieval: lack of effective evidence with uncolored images at night.
  4. Complex system deployment: extra cost and complicated installation for a relatively comprehensive system.

Dahua TiOC Solution:

Accurate Alarm

TiOC offers accurate alarm function by precisely targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, leaves and car headlights. While keeping false alarm rate under 2%, its powerful AI algorithms also delivers a quicker, more accurate and longer range motion detection. (In HDCVI system, all AI functions are realized by XVR).


Active Deterrence

Red and Blue Light

  • Noticeable even in dense fog and heavy rain.
  • More eye-catching than white light.
  • Enhanced Sound Alarm
  • Speaker volume up to 110dB.Two-way talk (IPC supported).
  • Optional wailing siren, recorded voice and customizable voices for different scenarios.
  • Real-time Notification
  • Real-time alarm push notification to mobile APP.
  • Visual alarm verification anytime, anywhere.
  • One-tap arming and disarming, easy to operate.


  • 24/7 color monitoring significantly increases probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence.
  • Provides high color reproduction and excellent low light performance for a more vivid and brighter image.